After 21 years, Como 1907 is promoted to the Serie A of Italian football

After 21 years, the football supporter of Como 1907 football club can cheer again. After a draw against Cosenza, the I Lariani are promoted again from Serie B to Serie A. And so Lake Como has an extra asset for fans of Italian football.

Football club Como 1907 is promoted to the Serie A after 21 years… In Italy, calcio is one of the most practiced sports. There is also a good game of football on Lake Como. On the banks of the lake, a more or less dilapidated Giuseppe Sinigaglia football stadium casts its shadow on Tempo Voltiano. The modest stadium is the home of the I Lariani, football supporters of Como 1907. Not so long ago, the stadium was also the starting place of the Mezza Maratona in which we participated…

The stadium summarizes the history of Como 1907 football club well: ups and downs, with a general tendency of diminuendo. Make no mistake, though. Many famous players have played at Como. Think of the Italians Gianlucca Zambrotta and Poala Rossi, the Belgian Luis Oliveira and the Spaniard Cesc Fabregas.

In 1907 the club was founded as FBC Como. In 1949, the club entered the Serie A for the first time, the highest football division of Italian football. After four seasons, the club dropped to Serie B. In the 1970s it became Serie C and then climbed back to Serie A in 1982. And then the club disappears again. In 2002, the club again fought against relegation from Serie A. In vain. It will be Series B and Series C and, after financial problems, Series D, no more than amateur level.

Flash forward to 2016. FCB Como can no longer avoid bankruptcy from the Serie B. A new start is made under the name Como 1907. The owner will be the wealthy Indonesian Hartono family. With fresh capital, Como is ready to start its path to the top again. In 2019, well-known footballers Thierry Henry and Cesc Fabregas come on board as minority shareholders.

It is also Cesc Fabregas who, initially as a player and later as a shadow coach, gave the club sporting successes.

The time will finally come on May 12, 2024. After a draw against Cosenza, Como 1907 is promoted to the highest football league in Italy together with Parma. After 21 years, I Lariani are playing in Serie A again. And now let’s hope that the story can continue to crescendo for Como 1907.

A boost for Italian football fans: a weekend in Como for a Como 1907 match against AC Milan, Juventus or Inter Milan. Say no more! Where it will be played is still a question mark. The Giuseppe Sinigaglia Stadium can only accommodate 7,500 spectators. For matches in Serie A, the capacity must have at least 12,000 seats. The Hartono Family will therefore urgently have to install an extra stand. Or they could possibly move to the stadium of Lugano, Switzerland, although that would spoil the fun a bit…

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