A delicious pasta in Osteria il Governo 1801 in Lezzeno

Do not be fooled. Osteria Il Governo 1801 offers much more than what you would expect from a traditional osteria. Attentive service, tasty and varied dishes in a pleasant setting. Moreover, we ate the best pasta ever here. Unforgettable!

Discover the Osteria Il Governo 1801… The calories left on Monte Berlinghera will be refueled tonight at Osteria Il Governo 1801 in Lezzeno. We consciously choose an address not too far from Torno where we stay at Hotel Vapore. Moreover, the reviews about this cozy restaurant are positive.

Osteria Il Governo 1801 is located in the center of Lezzeno, right next to the Strade Provinciale, within walking distance of the town hall. There are a few parking spaces right opposite the town hall. Osteria Il Governo 1801 is located in a gentle bend where you can just see Villa Balbianello on the other side of the lake. The authentic osteria stands out for its cozy and atmospheric terrace with flowers, climbing plants and laurel trees.

Osteria Il Governo 1801... A name that impresses. And then you have to taste the pasta "Unità d'Italia"!

Osteria Il Governo 1801
Osteria Il Governo 1801 ligt in Lezzeno

A flamboyant host in a white linen shirt and trousers approaches us. We quickly check the reservation and with an inviting gesture he shows us a cozy table for two. A neatly dressed waiter brings us a bottle of water. We immediately think that the service and appearance of the waiter is somewhat atypical – read more chic – for an osteria. How was that again? Trattoria, osteria, ristorante, … Doesn’t matter, we’ll happily let it go.

The menu is hidden behind a QR code. We carefully scroll through the antipasti, primi piatti and secondi piatti. A beautiful menu with a lot of diversity among the dishes. And there’s Signore Bianco again… Can he recommend something to us? Of course! With a broad smile, a soft voice and dancing fingers, he proposes three dishes. A tartare “Austro-Ungarica” ​​that he will cut à la minute shortly. A Filetto di Manzo with the best meat from San Giovese. Or an incredibly delicious pasta “Unità d’Italia” with a pesto from the best pistachios from Sicily… In short, the superlative. We are completely convinced and order the tartare and pasta.

Osteria Il Governo 1801
Amuse op basis van
Osteria Il Governo 1801
Tartaar met toetsen van zure appel en mierikswortel

A small amuse is offered, an ideal aperitif with glasses of prosecco. Five minutes later the primi piatti is in front of us. A beautifully presented plate with a tartare with fresh notes of apple and horseradish. Tasty, but we still keep the superlatives in our pockets. The glasses of prosecco are refilled again. We toast to a more than successful day at Lake Como. This morning we landed early in the morning, a few hours later we were high on a mountain top above Lake Como and now the two of us are enjoying it here.

The secondi piatti are served with great bravado. We look at the beautiful blue plate with the pasta “Unità d’Italia” on it. A big bite… Stop! New paragraph please.

Osteria Il Governo 1801

A large scoop of paccheri pasta, creamily stirred in a pistachio pesto sauce. Underneath pieces of crispy cooked coppa meat and finished with crispy pieces of pistachio nut. We taste the pasta and it makes us speechless. What an absolutely delicious pasta! Intense flavors of the soft but at the same time poweful sauce. The pasta was cooked perfectly al dente. The coppa that tastes delicious. And then those crispy pieces of pistachios… Yes, perhaps the best pasta we have ever eaten!

More and more guests arrive until all places are occupied. Reservations are really the key! Our empty plates remain and we have to get the bottle of prosecco from the ice bucket ourselves to refill it. The smoothness of the service drops a bit. The terrace opposite becomes more pleasant. It is dusk and the lights on the terrace shine romantic light under the green foliage.

Osteria Il Governo 1801
Genieten van een pasta in Osteria Il Governo 1801

But this beautiful song also comes to an end. Today was quite a tiring day and a good bed means something to us now. The bill is around 113 euros and in our opinion that is a very nice amount for a bottle of prosecco, excellent service, delicious dishes, an amuse-bouche and an abundance of atmosphere and conviviality. Osteria del Governo 1801 is more than recommended.

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Liselotte en Paul

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