Swinging on the flanks of Monte Berlinghera

The Monte Berlinghera towers above Sorico and promises one of the most beautiful panoramic balconies in the region. A beautiful and easy walk that we can warmly recommend. Unleash the child in you and swing over the alpine meadow and Lake Como.

Hike to the top of Monte Berlinghera… From Milano Malpensa airport, the gray rental car drives straight to Sorico, one of the three points of the ypsilon-shaped Lake Como. We rarely come to this region. As far as we’re concerned, it’s literally and figuratively a remote corner, if you’re talking about bustling towns, (tourist) sights and general Lake Como vibes. And yet we better rub our eyes because in terms of nature and hiking, this region has quite a bit to offer.

Today we put on our hiking boots to Monte Berlinghera. A mountain peak of 1930 meters high that is located in the Lepontic Alps, part of the Swiss-Italian Alps. Monte Berlinghera is located on the border of the province of Como and province of Sondrio and promises one of the most beautiful panoramic balconies in the region.

By car it goes to Gera Lario where we start the climb to the village of Bugiallo and so on to the terminus San Bartolomeo. A twelve-kilometre route that climbs steeply. Sharp hairpin bends and narrow passages alternate. We are so happy with the manoeuvrable car. Finally we reach the small village of San Bartolomeo where we park the car on the square. We are not alone: ​​cars are drummed into the roadsides everywhere.

We put on our hiking boots and enthusiastically enter the forest path. The path is the starting point of tutte direzione. According to the direction indicator, Monte Berlinghera is about two hours higher up.

The wide hiking trail leads steadily upwards through forest. After 45 minutes we reach the tree line and we walk into the alpine meadow. A group of hikers enjoy a nice picnic.

We look into a funnel: on the left Monte di Mezzo and on the right Alpe Pescedo with a few houses on both green flanks. Above us is a high-voltage line that indicates the direction. A sign indicates Pescedo. Is Pescedo an inhabited village or a ski resort? Or are they just holiday homes? There is certainly a lot of enthusiasm and there are a remarkable number of cars.

We continue walking towards the pylons of the high-voltage power line. It is pleasant walking weather: not too hot, some clouds and a breeze. A hazy light hangs over Lake Como below us. On the way we greet a herd of grazing cows.

We take a breather at the second high-voltage pylon that listens to the name Bochhetta di Chiaro. There is an oversized wooden swing that lets you fly back and forth over the alpine meadow. The higher you go, the more you float above the waters of Lake Como. The wind blows from Italy into the funnel, blows through our hair and rolls over the ridge into Switzerland.

The top of Monte Berlinghera is on our right. Walking is now climbing. The narrow boulder-strewn walking path winds further between the trees. Pescedo is getting smaller and smaller. The cows become dots.

We walk on a cross. A new beautiful viewpoint! On the left, a hiking trail leads over a ridge to the top of Monte Berlinghera, some 200 meters higher.

We nestle ourselves in the grass for a while, stretch our legs and look left and right into the valley. Right in front of us is the azure blue Lake Como. Below us we hear male voices that are singing briskly. The cows make a musical canon with their bells.

Ten minutes later we reach the top of Monte Berlinghera, 700 meters higher than the starting point in San Bartolomeo. You can still see the remains of a chapel dedicated to the Alpinis. We walked for an hour and a half.

This hike is marked with a medium difficulty level. And we can confirm that. Children who like to walk can certainly enjoy themselves here. The walk is not long and you will be rewarded with fantastic views. And the swing is of course always a nice extra for the kids.

Beow you have a beautiful view of the Pian di Spagna nature reserve. It was originally a marshland, but after the construction of a drainage system in which the course of the Adda river was shifted, it became grassland. Countless water plants and reed grow over about 1500 hectares of greenery. It is the favorite place for migratory birds to recover before flying over the Alps.

Lake Mezzola is separated from Lake Como by Pian di Spagna. On the other side, the proud Monte Legnone towers on the horizon. We are amazed by the wide view. Wonderful… Just a little drowsy at the car because of the short night and the plane, now satisfied and full of energy!

We retrace our steps. A little later we greet hikers with whom we were just at the top. So there must be an alternative to reach the top of Monte Berlinghera. We walk into the forest and arrive back in San Bartolomeo. The watch indicates a walking time of two and a half hours. That is well below what guidebooks describe.

We let the car slowly drive down. After five minutes we pass a small unsightly hamlet with a bar. With one look at each other we know enough: we have earned a drink. And so we drink our first fresh Prosecco in bar Baita del Vikingo for three euros a glass.

Monte Berlinghera is an absolute must. An accessible walk with beautiful views. If you are near Sorico, definitely put this hike on your bucket list.

We are soon expected to check in at Hotel Vapore. That means another two hours of driving. It’s high time to put an end to the story on Monte Berlinghera and drive to Torno with Italian beats.



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