Spend the night in Hotel Vapore with romantic terrace in Torno

Hotel Vapore is located in breathtakingly beautiful Torno on the village square. A classic that can still bring a lot of assets to the table today. And not least the fantastic terrace on the edge of Lake Como, guaranteeing pure romance.

Book a room at Hotel Vapore in Torno… We spend the night at Hotel Vapore in our favorite and beloved Torno. Not for the first time, anyone who remembers it: in 2017 we slept in the apartment of the hotel a little further away to celebrate New Year’s Eve on Lake Como. For this getaway we book a room for two with a view of Lake Como in the hotel.

Hotel Vapore is located on the small village square of Torno. You know by now that we have lost our hearts to Torno.

In our opinion, it is the most beautiful and pleasant square you can find on Lake Como. Completely car-free with a small harbour, a church and post office, an authentic bar and two hotels. Both hotels, Hotel Vapore and Hotel Villa Belvedere, have the same owner. With three and four stars respectively, each hotel has its own emphasis. Hotel Villa Belvedere has been completely renovated for several years.

Hotel Vapore in Torno
Hotel Vapore ligt links op het dorpsplein van Torno

You can only reach Hotel Vapore on foot. And that is definitely an advantage. Parking is available in the parking lot at the top of the village. Don’t forget, white markings for free parking, blue markings for paid parking. From there it is a few minutes walk. We walk through the narrow street along the stairs down, straight to the shore of Lake Como. We arrive at the village square where the evening sun enhances the colors of the facades and immediately warms us up figuratively.

Is Torno a good base for your holiday on Lake Como? Maybe there are better locations. The highlights of Lake Como can mainly be found on the other side. If you go exploring by car, you will always have to drive through the busy city center of Como or you will be more dependent on the ferry boats that sail. Torno is much less busy compared to other villages. A decision you have to make yourself. We deliberately chose Torno because we participate, in short, would participate in the Traversata 2023, a swimming tour between Moltrasio and Torno….

Torno in het avondzon, postkaart!

Photos of famous world stars decorate the walls. Oldies such as Robert de Niro, King Albert and Queen Paola, but also youngsters such as famous football players and Harry Styles.

The hotel has a rich and long history and is inextricably linked to Torno. You can find the building on age-old postcards. Just take a look at this web page. Despite several renovations, Hotel Vapore can no longer hide the fact that it belongs to the oldies. Old but not forgotten or worn out. The entrance, the stairwell, the dining room, … Atmosphere and grandeur fill your ears. Authentic elements such as the beautifully painted ceilings in the dining room give the hotel class. The staff in a white shirt and black tie did not fall asleep. Constantly busy, friendly and hospitable.

Hotel Vapore in Torno
Inkomhal van Hotel Vapore
Hotel Vapore in Torno
Prachtige plafonds in de eetzaal

Photos of famous world stars decorate the walls. Oldies such as Robert de Niro, King Albert and Queen Paola, but also youngsters such as famous football players and Harry Styles. It illustrates the appeal of Hotel Vapore.

Our room on the second floor is basic and lacks some coziness. A cold stone floor and a questionable pink color on the walls. Little to no decorative elements with only the necessary furniture and a bed. A small bathroom with a shower. Good points for cleanliness. Maximum score for the fantastic view from the room on Lake Como. Some rooms at the front of the hotel have a small terrace, our room did not.

We pay 160 euros per night including breakfast. Please note that this was about the cheapest hotel we could book last minute. You can expect more from a hotel room, but today emotions win over reason. We are satisfied with our sleeping place.

Hotel Vapore in Torno
De kamer heeft zicht op het Comomeer
Hotel Vapore in Torno
De kamer heeft zicht op het Comomeer
Hotel Vapore in Torno
Een bed en meubels, niet meer niet minder

Hotel Vapore is not only a hotel but also a restaurant where both guests and non-guests of the hotel are welcome for lunch or dinner. The restaurant has great reviews on Tripadvisor. During the summer months you can enjoy your pasta or fish from the lake on the beautiful terrace. The terrace is located at the front of the hotel, right next to the water. A beautiful terrace bursting with romance. Softly creaking white pebbles under your feet, wrought iron rustic chairs and tables with a snow-white tablecloth and colorful flowers on top, wisteria that climbs upwards without a care in the world and a green canopy of chestnut trees that sparingly let in some sun rays. In the background only the rushing water. An absolute trump card of Hotel Vapore!

Hotel Vapore in Torno
Het fantastische terras garant voor pure romantiek

Of course, breakfast is also served on the terrace. What could be better than a delicious espresso on this terrace in this setting? Two espressos! The breakfast buffet is generous and well-maintained. Different types of charcuterie. Mozzarella, tomatoes and arugula for a morning caprese. Various types of bread, eggs and yoghurt. Sweets, pastries and cereals. Fruit juices and fresh fruit salad. You can’t think of a better start to the day. This is really pure enjoyment!

The weather forecast for today is bad. Rain, rain and more rain. We can already feel the rain brewing… We received the message via email that the Traversata 2023 will be canceled later today. Very sorry. This trip was all about the Traversata, but unfortunately, we can’t change anything about it.

By chance we bump into Luc and An on the terrace of Torno alla Riva. Warm people and absolute Italophiles that we know from Italian lessons. While we talk at the top of our lungs, the first drops of rain fall into our proseccos. Drops become hellish showers with thunder.

Hotel Vapore in Torno
Het ontbijt is verzorgd en royaal

Meanwhile, weather apps warn of severe weather in northern Italy. Going out on the road to look for a nice restaurant is suddenly no longer an option. The bar is full, the Villa Belvedere hotel is closed and the Vapore hotel has no table left. Due to the bad weather, the outdoor terrace has to be evacuated inside and the available tables are halved. A bit bored with the situation, the hotel receptionist gives us the last umbrella.

In the pouring rain and wind we go to a small cafe at the top of the village among the locals. No menu or wine list… Just a slice of pizza on a cardboard plate and an Aperol for dinner. Is that a disappointment? No, there are simply no setbacks in Torno!

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