Sunbathing at Bar Pinseria, La Terrazza 125 in Brienno

In Brienno you will find the beautiful Bar Pinseria, La Terrazza 125. A unique hotspot for locals where you can sunbathe and enjoy a splash in Lake Como. In the snack bar you can order a refreshing drink or pinse. A beach bar par excellence!

Our list to discover with activities, walks and restaurants cannot be shortened. For every checkbox we thick off, at least two checkboxes are added. The final part of our blog Amiamo Lago di Como has not yet been written. Have we lost sight of the dolce far niente on Lake Como?

During the summer months you can of course also enjoy the sun, water and water sports on Lake Como. Please note that the shores of Lake Como are less accessible than those of, for example, the popular Lake Garda. Throwing your surfboard or inflatable boat into the water or spreading out your towel on a beach is simply a bit more difficult. The villas on the popular shores of Lake Como are not all keen on prying eyes. The houses in the villages are built against each other in such a way that there is hardly any space left. The Statale motorway takes up a lot of space or you will not find a parking space. A large part of the banks are wooded or consist of rock.

If you go a little further north, Lake Como opens up a bit more and the shores become a bit friendlier again. Behind Menaggio towards Sorico you will find more beaches with pebbles and you will also see more facilities for water sports. It is no coincidence that you will also find more campsites and beach pavilions here.

If you want to sunbathe and paddle on Lake Como, you should look for a lido. A lido is (usually) a landscaped grass square on the water in a village, often with a small bar where music blasts from the speakers.

An Italian loves the sun. And that is no different today on Ferragosto (Mother’s Day) with temperatures up to 35°C. The Vespas and motorcycles with a beach chair and beach towel strapped to the back whir past. All lidos and public parks are besieged by towels where Italians enjoy the sun. Swimming trunks must by definition be too small in 2023 and well-done brown is the new trend. No Speedos in our suitcases and only factor 50 sunscreen. We have to look for an alternative…

Bar Pinseria, La Terrazza 125 in Brienno
Inkom van Bar Pinseria, La Terrazza 125
Madonna dell’Immacolata in Brienno
Madonna dell’Immacolata

We drive to Brienno and go to Bar Pinseria, La Terrazza 125. The small village of Brienno does not have many activities to offer and is therefore little known to tourists. Time has stood still a bit here and read that as a compliment. The Statale runs around Brienno and thus gives the residents peace.

Just before the tunnel on the right, the name Bar Pinseria, La Terrazza 125 appears above a wooden stately door. At the top left you see the beautiful church of Madonna dell’Immacolata. On the right a staircase leads down to a large two-storey wooden terrace. In a small wooden cabin we ask a nervous Italian for a table. We have to repeat the question several times because the music is so loud that he can barely hear us.

Bar Pinseria, La Terrazza 125 in Brienno
Zonnen en snacken in Bar Pinseria, La Terrazza 125

One third of the terrace tries to keep the sun away with white parasols. The rest of the terrace is just longing for sunbeams. The name “Bar Pinseria” and “Terrazza” makes the concept of snacking and sunbathing clear. The tables under the parasols are almost all taken. At the edge of the terrace, couples sit on the high chairs enjoying a refreshing drink with a fantastic view of Lake Como. People enjoy their rented beach chairs to take a sunbath. We get an instant beach club feeling. Music, atmosphere and buzz of tanned locals enjoying Ferragosto in a sleek swimming outfit. Wonder what Madonna higher up thinks about it. Below the upper terrace there is a smaller wooden terrace, in fact a wooden pontoon where you can dive into the water.

It is sweltering hot today. The sweating and sighing faces of Wolf and Bas reveal that we urgently need to take action. A glass of fresh water in duplicate and a glass of Prosecco in duplicate, please! The menu contains some snacks and a list of pinse. Pinseria, pinse, … A pinseria is a kind of cross between pizza and focaccia made with different types of flour, water and a long rising time. The dough is lighter and faster to digest than a traditional pizza. The pinse margherita that we order for the boys tastes a bit bland. Our small portion of couscous is dry and somewhat unimaginative.

Bar Pinseria, La Terrazza 125 in Brienno
Snacken op het terras
Bar Pinseria, La Terrazza 125 in Brienno
Vanop het ponton duik je het Comomeer in

We ask for the bill and it amounts to a hefty 60 euros. In our opinion, this is not entirely correct in terms of price-quality. Bar Pinseria, La Terrazza 125 is a local hotspot. A beautiful setting on the shores of Lake Como to enjoy the sun and water. Tan a little, refresh a bit with a snack or drink. And only in that order. Notwithstanding a nice alternative to the public lido…

Picture of Liselotte en Paul

Liselotte en Paul

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