Villa Carlotta and its beautiful gardens in Tremezzina

Villa Carlotta belongs to the tourist big five of Lake Como. You cannot skip hardly the monumental villa with its beautiful botanical garden. Strolling down in the gardens of Villa Carlotta on the shores of Lake Como is like dreaming away and tasting the finesse and grandeur of yesteryear.

Villa Carlotta in Tremezzina… Villa Carlotta is one of the most famous and most visited villas on Lake Como. And although the villa shines in every tourist guide and on every website as a must see, we have ignored Villa Carlotta for (too) long.

From the 18th century to the early 20th century, Villa Carlotta was a popular stop on the Grand Tour. You know, the traditional journey that the elite made through the European mainland and at the time was considered a kind of formation journey. Years later, not much has really changed: carriages have become buses that drive back and forth, drop tourists and then continue the traditional Europe journey. And it was precisely that image that we had more or less connected with Villa Carlotta. Busy and touristy, some other time then… Untill today on this sunny but above all calm autumn day!

Villa Carlotta in Tremezzina
Verfrissen in de herfstzon
Villa Carlotta in Tremezzina
De toegangspoort van Villa Carlotta

We buy two entrance tickets for 10 euros per person. Unlike other villas, there are no tickets available for just a garden visit for example. All inclusive for a reasonable price! Groups get discounts and kids up to 6 years old can enter for free.

We walk into the garden along the front of the villa with its large entrance gate and water-spouting fountain. We settle down on a bench in the garden and immerso into the history of Villa Carlotta…

Villa Carlotta in Tremezzina
Vanuit de tuin heb je uitzicht op Bellagio
Villa Carlotta in Tremezzina
De tuin ligt aan de oever van het Comomeer

The construction of Villa Carlotta was commissioned by the Milan Marquis Giorgio Clerici and his family in 1690 and was finally completed in 1745. Little is known about the architect. Well, not really a reference when you have been working on a project for about 55 years!

In 1801, the white sober (in terms of architecture) villa on the western shore of Lake Como is sold by Giorgio’s daughter to Giambattista Sommariva, politician and friend of Napoleon.

Villa Carlotta in Tremezzina
Japanse invloeden
Villa Carlotta in Tremezzina
Prachtige kleuren
Villa del Balbianello
Tuinen van Villa del Balbianello

Sommariva further embellished the villa with beautiful balconies, a beautiful pediment and the clock at the front. He is also responsible for the many works of art that villa Carlotta houses, including work by Canova, Thorvaldsen and Hayez.

In 1843 Princess Marianna of Oranje Nassau buys villa Carlotta for 780,000 lire. Forty times more what Sommariva paid. Living on Lake Como has always been a good investment… Marianna invested in her daughter Charlotte: in 1847 she received the villa as a wedding present on her marriage to Georg II of Saxe-Meiningen. Charlotte became Carlotta and that is how the villa got its current name. The couple used the villa as a holiday retreat. Some of the artworks were sold. Georg, a botanist in his spare time, was more drown to and passionate about gardening.

And although the villa shines in every tourist guide and on every website as a must see, we have ignored Villa Carlotta for (too) long.

The botanical garden surrounding the villa covers an area of ​​8 hectares and parallels Lake Como. We follow the long red route, good for 90 minutes of botanical enjoyment. Azaleas, rhododendrons, cedars, redwood and bamboo. Flowerbeds, symmetrical hedges and prestigious trees. 

Villa Carlotta in Tremezzina
Vanop het balkon valt de symmetrie van Carlotta pas echt op

To give you an idea: there are about 6000 different plant species, of which 202 rose species and 152 rhododendron species. The conservatory, sorry noblesse oblige “greenhouse”, has 779 flowers and plants. Here and there, balustrades, water features and sculptures provide some contrast. Your four-legged friend is also welcome if he stays on a leash. A dump on the lawns of the elite is not appreciated.

The garden of Villa Carlotta is beautiful: beautifully maintained, varied and accessible. In some places you can even have a picnic. So take a bottle of prosecco with you in your backpack! We get the beautiful autumn colors for free today, just like the beautiful view of Lake Como with Villa Melzi and Bellagio on the other side.

Villa Carlotta in Tremezzina
Via de traphal heb je toegang tot het centrale balkon
Villa Carlotta in Tremezzina
In de vertrekken van Villa Carlotta wordt kunst geëxposeerd
Villa Carlotta in Tremezzina
Villa Carlotta in Tremezzina

We walk through the beautiful rooms, rooms and reception areas decorated with paintings and sculptures. Be sure to take the spiral staircase at the front of the villa that leads to the balcony. This is where the symmetrical lines of the domain really stand out! Villa Carlotta is authentic and gives a good representation of how things were back in the days and how the elite used to live.

As we said, we have unfairly despised Villa Carlotta. We made up for that today…

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Liselotte en Paul

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