Our favorite enoteca and wine bar Millesimo in Carate Urio

Enoteca Millesimo in Carate Urio is located on the edge of Lake Como, just below Hotel Orso Bruno. It's our favorite spot! Delicious aperitifs with small and well-prepared dishes. Cozy and tastefully decorated, trendy yet delicious Italian authenticity.
Enjoy Enoteca and wine bar Millesimo in Carate Urio… Yes, we have another top address! Wine bar and enoteca Millesimo is guaranteed to make you happy and perfectly illustrates why we love Lake Como so much.Start by taking a good look at the cover photo above this blog post? Sink your teeth into your computer screen. In Millesimo you can eat delicious antipasto, small (cold) traditional dishes or a sandwich. Prosciutto, pancetta, mozarella, burrata, carpaccio, formaggio, … Delicious tasty allies for your glass of wine or prosecco! For an aperitif or as a meal.
Enoteca Millesimo in Carate Urio
Het interieur van Millesimo is verzorgd, gezellig en gewoon tof

What matters most to us is the way it is presented. Well cared for, original but with a lot of love for the product. The plates are boards of chipboard with a piece of paper left over, the table mats recycled paper with a logo. Very simple, honest and modest, but also original and with a sense of finesse. A refreshing youthful twist that locals and owners of the pretty villas in Via Regina love!

The story checks out completely. Because just like the food, the interior and the atmosphere are cozy and accessible with just that little bit more. A modern alternative on the traditional Italian bar?

We are welcomed very hospitably and get a cozy table at the edge of the water. It’s a bit chilly tonight but there are blankets over the chairs. The candles are burning and the small tables are all occupied. Very moody, yes we would even call it romantic.

Enoteca Millesimo in Carate Urio
Heerlijk nippen aan Prosecco aan de rand van het Comomeer

The two of us enjoy a plate of antipasto. That pancetta is delicious! Saluti, the glasses of prosecco click. We eat a burrata with Parma ham and a caprese with crispy chips. And you can add a plate of pancetta please… Si, amiamo Lago di Como!

By the way, you will find Millesimo just next to and below Hotel Orso Bruno. An ideal combination for a weekend on Lake Como if you ask us.

Picture of Liselotte en Paul

Liselotte en Paul

Enthousiaste schouders onder onze blog Amiamo Lago di Como. Onze passie voor het Comomeer uitschrijven, dat is wat we graag doen!
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