Room visto al lago in Hotel Orso Bruno in Carate Urio

The Brown the bear hotel in Carate Urio is a charming hotel on the shores of Lake Como. Authentic with a family atmosphere. Next to the hotel you will find a cozy enoteca and a pizzeria. Be sure to book a room with visto al lago!

Hotel Orso Bruno in Carate Urio… When we look for a place to sleep on Lake Como, we first look for authentic addresses where an overnight stay costs less than a hundred euros. B&B, hotel or albergo doesn’t matter, as long as it is pleasant and not too touristy!

This weekend we will spend the night in Hotel Orso Bruno in Carate Urio, a small village with over 1200 inhabitants between Moltrasio and Laglio.

We are kindly received by the owner who patiently continues to listen to our Italian bumbling. We notice a sign at the reception desk that says welcome, you may begin as a client but you will definitely end up as a friend… Nice!

Hotel Orso Bruno in Carate Urio
"You will definitely end up as a friend.”

A friend request on Facebook is not included, but the hotel immediately creates a friendly, intimate and family atmosphere. The hotel has nine well-maintained rooms that follow the honest philosophy of the hotel. We booked a room with visto al lago, you should definitely do this!

Hotel Orso Bruno: “Welcome, you may begin as a client but you will definitely end up as a friend.”

Hotel Orso Bruno in Carate Urio
In Hotel Orso Bruno heb je uitzicht op het Comomeer

You can also grab a bite to eat at Brown the bear. The hotel has a restaurant Il Filo d’Olio where you can get pizza and other Italian specialties. We should definitely give it a try next time…

We are awakened in the morning by the rays of the autumn sun illuminating our room. We open the curtains of room 204 and from the pleasant terrace we see how a taxi boat moors and the first commuters embark. Among us, groups of sports enthusiasts jog and cycle through Via Regina.

Hotel Orso Bruno in Carate Urio
We boeken een kamer met zicht op het Comomeer
Hotel Orso Bruno in Carate Urio
Vanop het terrasje kijken we op Via Regina

That Via Regina dips right down to Lake Como in Moltrasio, away from the main road and only rejoins the same main road in Laglio. It is a nice and narrow road with beautiful villas and properties left and right. By the way, an international superstar has his home in Via Regina… Who did you expect? George Clooney!

Breakfast is served in a room (with a terrace) on the first floor. The buffet consists of homemade bread, cheese, ham, salami, a hard-boiled egg and of course sweets and yogurt. Only the coffee from the thermos should be better! Next time we ask for a freshly brewed espresso… For breakfast you pay eight euros.

Hotel Orso Bruno in Carate Urio
Hotel Orso Bruno in Carate Urio

In a nutshell, Hotel Orso Bruno has many assets on the table: well-kept rooms with a view of Lake Como, an authentic and family atmosphere, a quiet location close to the city of Como and a taxi boat that moors in front of the hotel. There is even parking space right in front of the hotel if you are lucky. More likely, you’ll have to park your car up close to a wall facade and hope your side mirrors don’t get knocked off.

And how much does it cost? Yes, a very reasonable eighty euros per night. We can highly recommend this hotel to everyone!



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