Cozy dinner in Trattoria Crotto del Sergente in Como

The authenticity of a trattoria where love still goes through the stomach at reasonable prices. You eat in a very attractive crotto, an intimate and cozy setting. Service is smooth and friendly. A nice address if you are looking for a nice culinary address in Como.

Trattoria Crotto del Sergente in Como just outside Como… Rain clouds hang around the mountains. The weather apps predict a heavy downpour and thunderstorms. Choosing a restaurant that is also praised for its view of the lake is therefore not a must tonight. That’s why we choose Antica Trattoria del Sergente in Como. This restaurant was recommended to us by Jeffrey, another Belgian fan of Lake Como. We are curious…

Crotto del Sergente is located just outside Como. By foot from the center is far, you need your car. Via a small sidestreet – with the appropriate name Via Crotto del Sergente – you reach the restaurant, a bit hidden between the trees.

Trattoria Crotto del Sergente in Como
Trattoria Crotto del Sergente vind je net buiten Como
Trattoria Crotto del Sergente in Como
Crotto del Sergente heeft een uitgebreide wijnkaart

Great, there is also a parking lot. We were immediately pleasantly surprised: the building radiates charm and authenticity. By the way, there is also a terrace.

A friendly waiter appeals to us… Whether we want to sit inside or outside? Preferably indoors! Through the portal with a few tables we enter the dining room. Wow! A moodily lit room with a vault in old brick. The bottles of wine are displayed on the left and right. Perfectly symmetrical. An intimate setting. We are already salivating, this just can’t go wrong.

Trattoria Crotto del Sergente in Como
Het stemmig verlichte gewelf schept een intieme en gezellige sfeer

The menu lists antipasti, primi piatti, secondi piatti and dolci. About six per section. Various dishes with different ingredients, something for everyone. Prices are modest. Information about the ingredients used is given behind each dish. This way, customers know what they can/cannot eat with certain allergies. An approach that is not very common for an old Italian trattoria! We order both Raviolone all Ossobuco di Vitello con fondo alla Zafferano di Faloppia, soffice di Modollo e Rafano and Porchetta del Crotto con salsa allo Zenzero e Piattoni.

The wine list is extensive with wines from all over Italy and from the region. There is also a wide range of half liter bottles. And that comes in handy now: fetuses in mom’s belly don’t like wine very much… So, you now know that too!

The service is friendly and caring. The two waiters are restful. “We know what we are doing and have everything under control, just enjoy yourself”, they seem to think.

The raviolis are delicious. Perfectly cooked with a tasty filling and a mild saffron sauce. The last drop of sauce is wiped off the plate with a piece of bread. The Porchetta (classic dish of roasted pork belly filled with herbs) is also a hit: wonderfully tender with a strong spicy taste. The beans are slightly spicy because of the ginger. The portion could have been a bit bigger in our opinion…

Trattoria Crotto del Sergente in Como
Genieten. De liefde gaat in deze trattoria duidelijk door de maag!

Trattoria del Sergente has really charmed us! The traditional dishes and the love for food are central. The atmosphere and cosiness are of a higher level than what you would expect in a trattoria. The service also deserves a big compliment. Think of the beautiful wine list and a bill of barely 84 euros. Yes, this is a direct hit to remember!

Big thanks to Jeffrey! Do you have any such hunches?



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