Faro Voltiano in Brunate, a lighthouse on Lake Como

The 29 meter high Faro Voltiano was dedicated to scientist Alessandro Volta. The octagonal tower offers majestic views of Lake Como and the Alps. At night, the lighthouse illuminates Como and the valley with white, red, and green lights.

Visit Lighthouse Faro Voltiano in Brunate… This morning we drive from Moltrasio to Brunate. Not for a drink at the terrace at Trattoria Dei Bracconeri this tme but for a visit to Faro Voltiano. The well-known lighthouse was built in 1927 by Gabriele Giussani to honor Alessandro Volta (inventor of the battery), who died 100 years earlier.

Faro Voltiano in Brunate
Faro Voltiano in Brunate
Faro Voltiano in Brunate
Parkeren kan vlakbij op het dorpspleintje

If you want a beautiful and wide view over the west side of Lake Como, you should definitely go here.

Faro Voltiano in Brunate
De trappenhal van Faro Voltiano levert je gegarandeerd een mooi kiekje op
Faro Voltiano in Brunate
Het uitzicht reikt tot in Milaan
Faro Voltiano in Brunate
Stevig briesje op Faro Voltiano

The octagonal lighthouse has a height of 29 meters and towers beautifully above Brunate. The view should be fantastic if the weather is clear.

And that clear weather is present today! Indeed, after 143 stairs we have a breathtaking view: hello there Switzerland, Alps, Apennines and yes we even see Milan! In November, the snow-capped peaks contrast beautifully with the sunny hills and steel-blue sky. But in November there is also an icy breeze and you won’t last long in this cold tap!

Faro Voltiano in Brunate
Faro Voltiano torent 29 meter boven Brunate uit

An entrance ticket costs two euros for an adult. Faro Voltiano is worth a trip. Put it on your to-do list! You can go there with the funicolare from Como and then walk to the lighthouse. Or you can also go by bike if your legs love to climb. By car is also an option, but if you don’t like hairpin bends and narrow roads, then walking is the better option!

You can park at the foot of the lighthouse on the square with a hotel, a church and a bar. Tip, the parking meter is well hidden on the church wall…

rom the shores of Lake Como you can see at night the lighthouse shining white, green and red light over the valley. Thus, Volta’s spirit remains in his tower.

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