Trattoria Santo Stefano in Lenno

Trattoria Santo Stefano seemed like a nice idea to us but cannot meet up expectations. The unsociableness and cold service are an eyesore. Are we here in the wrong place at the wrong moment? Maybe!

Restaurant Il Trattoria Santo Stefano in Lenno… The restaurant that we would have liked to taste tonight appears to be closed due to the holiday period. Unfortunate! We need to find an good alternative… In Lenno, from the car our attention goes to Trattoria Santo Stefano. Five minutes later we enthusiastically enter the restaurant with big appetites. But a hungry stomach is an uncritical counselor. We pick a table for two (the restaurant is almost empty) and laugh away the discomforts of silence… “Did anyone die here recently?”

The restaurant is almost empty. A hungry stomach is always a bad counselor.

The limited menu serves mainly fish dishes. Logic choice for a restaurant next to a lake, of course, but not quite our taste. We choose toasts with salmon trout as a starter. Delicious, although there is little merit in preparing such a classic appetizer. As secondo piatto we order tagliata. Beef with fried potatoes and spinach, just like you would prepare it at home.

The waitress has too much time on her hands and is constantly shuffling past our table. We feel eyes all over us. We swallow the last piece of beef and the plates are immediately cleared. Unsolicited, the bill comes to the table even though our glasses of wine are still full. “Would anyone like to close here?”

Trattoria Santo Stefano in Lenno
Voor sfeer en gezelligheid een welverdiende... buis
Trattoria Santo Stefano in Lenno
Een voorgerecht toast met zalmforel.
Trattoria Santo Stefano in Lenno
Een tagliata als hoofdgerecht

Tonight we pay 65 euros for one starter, half a liter of red house wine and two main courses. Too expensive? Yes and no. A disappointment? Yes and no. Quote? Difficult, a five out of ten? Trattoria Santo Stefano is definitely not trattoria (like Trattoria al Fagiano) but a ristorante below level. Not authentic at all and that’s why we won’t be back. Autch, painful verdict!

We should have known when entering the restaurant: in a trattoria, chairs never have tight white slipcovers…

Picture of Liselotte en Paul

Liselotte en Paul

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