Rent a Vespa on Lake Como at Luciano

If you want to discover Lake Como, renting a Vespa is an excellent idea. No parking stress and zigzagging through the traffic takes you to the nicest spots! We rent a Vespa at Da Luciano in Laglio.

Rent a Vespa at “Enjoy Lake Como” and discover Lake Como… On Lake Como, a two-wheeler must be the most efficient means of transport: never parking stress and zigzagging between traffic. However, you will not find many rental companies for mopeds. To our knowledge you have one in Bellagio and also in Laglio at “Da Luciano”.

Luciano knows how to get things done: Mom and Dad’s small butcher shop has expanded over the years. Name it and you get it… Coffee, breakfast or lunch, an antique ice cream cart with fresh ice cream, an aperitif with charcuterie plates and a B&B. And now also recently the rental of Vespas, under the more than appropriate name “Enjoy Lake Como”.

Renting a Vespa on Lake Como at Luciano is highly recommended and a real must-do. Your day will run smoothly!

The sun is shining today, take advantage of it with a Vespa ride. A dozen new Vespas are neatly lined up and shining in the sun. Cream, red, light blue or black. We choose a black one. The motorini have 50cc and a normal (car) driver’s license is sufficient. A signature under a contract is sufficient for Luciano. Causing an accident or having your Vespa stolen will cost you 750 euros.

Vespaverhuur Enjoy Lake Como van Da Luciano
“Enjoy Lake Como” vindt je aan de overzijde van slagerij “Da Luciano” in Laglio
Vespaverhuur Enjoy Lake Como van Da Luciano
Vespaverhuur Enjoy Lake Como van Da Luciano

Luciano recommends driving to Cadenabbia, taking the ferry to Bellagio and returning via Como. Tested and approved by the house, he proudly adds. He is a bit timid but friendly. Luciano continues to speak English, even though we answer in Italian. We want to practice our Italian, he wants to improve his English.

We can go. But where is the key? Oops, it’s in the boot under the folded seat. Luckily Luciano has another double key and we haven’t left yet. So don’t forget to keep the key in hand at all times.

Vespaverhuur Enjoy Lake Como van Da Luciano
Opletten in de tunnels: claim je plek in het verkeer

There is remarkably little traffic. We buzz from Laglio all the way to Menaggio. Lovely in the sun with shorts and no sleeves. Here in Italy they don’t bother about it. The Vespa lacks some power – going uphill at 35 km/h – but is wonderfully quiet and economical. What a difference with our old Vespa PX that we drive at home.

If possible, it is best to avoid the (long) tunnels. They can be a bit intimidating on a small light moped.

In Menaggio we turn onto the central village square. Vespa on his stand and immediately order an aperitif. Delicious! Today is June 2, the feast of the Italian Republic. The national holiday is colored with many flags on the balconies. Due to the holiday, the schedule of the ferries has changed slightly. We have to wait too long for the crossing to Bellagio. No problem, then we’ll just drive around Como, right?

We pass a long traffic jam. Two large buses got stuck in the narrow streets of Sala Comacina. We navigate through it nicely. In Moltrasio we are forced to make a stop because damn that helmet is tight. Preskop (sort of a beef-flavored Jell-o mold)… Well, that’s what you get with butchers who rent out mopeds. Tip, ask for a comfortable helmet or your head ens up in his refrigerated counter for 31 euro for a kilo!

Vespaverhuur Enjoy Lake Como van Da Luciano
Met de Vespa het Comomeer verkennen

We drive through Como and go full throttle to Torno. Enjoying the views and aromas from fragant blossoms. In Torno we take the last free table on the terrace of Bar Italia at Torno alla Riva. Meanwhile, the new hotel on the village square is more or less ready. It looks nice and is immediately noted on our to-do list. We toast again to the Italian Republic!

Satisfied, we turn around and drive back via Como. At Piazza Cavour, the waters of Lake Como are just leveled up with the curb. In recent weeks it has rained a lot with strong thunderstorms and the water level is alarmingly high. And there will be a few more centimeters in a bit: above our heads menacing storm clouds are gathering…

Het dorsplein van Torno mét het nieuwe hotel
Vespaverhuur Enjoy Lake Como van Da Luciano
Vespa verhuur Enjoy Lake Como

You are obliged to return the Vespa with a full tank. “No Diesel, no diesel, no diesel”, we still hear Luciano say. We refill the tank at the gas station in Como. This is also the last petrol station on the route.

Via Cernobbio we dive into the Vecchia Regina. No more time to take a fly-by photo. Just when we arrive at Luciano, the odometer shows 100 kilometers and the heavens open completely.

A day of Vespa touring costs 70 euros (excluding petrol). We get a discount of 5 euros because we are back just a little earlier. Although it wasn’t a problem this time, we would still recommend making a reservation in high season.

Renting a Vespa on Lake Como at Luciano is highly recommended and a real must-do. The first day of our vacation went like clockwork…

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