Good food and la dolce vita at Osteria del Beuc in Cernobbio

The menu of Osteria del Beuc includes local dishes and specialties. At the tables of the Osteria only locals enjoy food and socializing. Atmospheric and hospitable, above all tasty and not expensive at all. Recommended!

We sip our first Aperol of the weekend and wonder where should we go for dinner tonight… That doesn’t have to be a difficult question if you have a small “idea book” in your back pocket. In the list of restaurants, Osteria del Beuc has taken number one since our autumn walk in Cernobbio. And before you start struggling with the pronunciation, you more or less pronounce it in the dialect as “beutch”. We read the comments on Tripadvisor and they sound like music to our ears: loved by locals, not expensive, good food, typical regional dishes, a nice wine list, cozy and easy going… We reserve a table and order the next Aperol .

Our table is not ready when we arrive. We admit, we’re a bit too early. We stand around chatting until the boss of the restaurant notices us and admonishes one of his waiters to offer us a glass of prosecco while we wait. Thoughtful of him and immediately our friend! Five minutes later we slide our feet under the table.

Osteria del Beuc in Cernobbio
Osteria del Beuc waar locals graag komen tafelen
The menu contains typical and simple dishes. Fair food at a ditto price. A surprising number of dishes with polenta. Maybe the specialty of the house? We carefully look at the menu and order Cocotte di polenta con porcini e taleggio, Lasagnette con salsiccia e friarielli and as main course Cotoletta alle milanese and Brasato di manzo. As a contorni we add Polenta e uova. The wine list is indeed extensive. We order a bottle of Cabanon Bonarda from 2011 from the north of Italy.
Osteria del Beuc in Cernobbio
Lasagnette con salsiccia e friarielli
Osteria del Beuc in Cernobbio
Cocotte di polenta con porcini e taleggio
The antipasti is a dish of polenta with porcini mushrooms with a sauce of taleggio cheese. The starter was a lasagna with sausage and turnips. Two flavor bombs with simple ingredients. And think of that delicious red wine. Fantastic, right? Meanwhile, the osteria fills up with locals and the volume knob of the buzz turns to the right. Conviviality is an asset!
Osteria del Beuc in Cernobbio
Brasato di manzo, Cotoletta alle milanese en polenta e uvoa

The main courses also do not disappoint: deliciously tender beef steaks that melt in the mouth and a beautifully crusted schnitzel. We drink our bottle of wine and look with amusement at the people around us. We don’t say it but we just know, here we come again, or many times or just weekly please?

The bill kindly asks us for 90.50 euros. Know that the wine costs 25 euros and you know that we ate here for a price that we can only dream of in Belgium. The prosecci are not charged. When paying, the price is rounded up to 90 euros. Here at Osteria del Beuc it is not about that last half euro, but mainly about good food and la dolce vita!

Deep bow Mr. Beuc and see you next time!

Picture of Liselotte en Paul

Liselotte en Paul

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