Enjoy eating a delicious pasta in ristorante Momi in Blevio

We put our feet under the table in Ristorante Momi in beautiful Blevio on a terrace drenched in the evening sun. We enjoy a delicious pasta and a glass of wine on the beautiful terrace next to Lake Como.

Eating pasta in Ristorante Momi in Blevio… We drive from Torno to Blevio, only five minutes away. Blevio is another typical village of Lake Como: the (pricey) beautiful houses and villa’s, wonderful gardens and picturesque shores are situated a litte lower, nicely hidden next to the road. You need to park your car when you want to discover Blevio.

We park on the small village square an go downstairs via overgrown stairs along wonderfull gardens and houses. The closer we get to the shore, the more houses and properties are shield. Gateways, overgrown hedges, walled gardens, yes indeed you’ll find some hidden gems of Lake Como. We have a litte chat with a friendly Italian, a real Moltrasini who is a friend of Isa Donegana, hostess of Il Trattoria del Fagiano. What a coincidence!

Kerktoren van Blevio
Boot huren aan het Comomeer
Classic boot op het Comomeer

Apparantly aristocrats likes sports. A football field with artificial grass, tenniscourts and a kayak club are within walking distance. And when a wealthy resident suffers a cardiac arrest during exercise, he’ll be buried in a minute at the municipal cemetery close by.

The small municipal garden is located just before the cemetery. The old men are bickering, some cyclist relax and we lie down on the grass in the shade. Blevio offers peace!

Ristorante Momi in Blevio
Unieke setting van Ristorante Momi in de avondzon
La dolce vita aan het Comomeer

Through the photogenic square you’ll reach a pontoon where young people dive in the water and tan in the sun. It’s so inviting we decide to take a refreshing dive.

In between the municipal garden and the church square you’ll discover Ristorante Momi. It sounds and it looks chic at first sight, but is very accessible. It’s a little bit early to have dinner already but we need to be on time to catch our flight at Milan airport. The friendly waiter agrees so we sit down at our table at 5:30PM. Atypical Italian…

Kleurrijk dorpsplein van Blevio
Ristorante Momi in Blevio
Genieten in Ristorante Momi

Ristorante Momi looks chic at first sight, but is very accessible

Ristorante Momi has a beautiful terrace at the water’s edge! It is wonderful to stay here in the evening sun. This is another address to put at the top of your list. Momi is a ristorante and not a trattoria which you’ll notice by the menu: you can order fish from the lake, there is wider choice of wine and the waiter with a chef’s hat on trying to convince us the fish on the daily menu was caught today.

For the first course we go for burrata followed by a pasta ragu and a pasta with sausage, offcourse accompanied by a glass of wine.

Pasta in Ristorante Momi in Blevio
Pasta Ragu
Pasta in Ristorante Momi in Blevio
Pasta Salciccia

Totaly satisfied from a fantastic weekend we say goodbye to Blevio… Ciao!

Picture of Liselotte en Paul

Liselotte en Paul

Enthousiaste schouders onder onze blog Amiamo Lago di Como. Onze passie voor het Comomeer uitschrijven, dat is wat we graag doen!
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