Fantastic lakeview at Ristorante Al Veluu in Tremezzina

Restaurant Al Veluu in Tremezzina has many pluses, with the number one being the unrivaled view over the banks of Lenno, Isola Comacina and Villa Balbianello. Asset number two? The delicious cuisine with traditional regional dishes. An absolute must-do in sunny weather!

Ristorante Al Veluu in Tremezzina… On the eve of what should be a historic football evening for Belgium against Brazil at the Russian World Cup, Ristorante Al Veluu becomes the deserved champion of our two-day sunny day-out! All puzzle pieces come together here for a thoroughly enjoyable moment.

Ristorante Al Veluu in Tremmezina
Al Veluu ligt op vijf minuutjes rijden vanuit Tremezzina
Ristorante Al Veluu in Tremmezina
De tuin heeft een terras én een overdekt terras

Just today, Dolce & Gabbanais organizing an international fashion event in Tremezzo in Parco Civico Teresio Olivelli with international VIPs and press. Tremezzo goes crazy. Guys looking like bodybuilders besiege the small streets and ensure that us mortals cannot disturb the fashion runs of the models. The black Mercedes shuttles drive back and forth and drop the VIPs for the rolled out runners. Tremezzo is in the international fashion spotlight!

Al Veluu is just a five minute drive from the lake shore in the green hills above Tremezzo. The contrasts are reaffirmed: busy versus soothing and distinguished versus feet on the ground. The white building with the brown wooden window frames is reminiscent of an authentic inn.

Ristorante Al Veluu in Tremmezina
Prachtig uitzicht op de baai van Lenno

Al Veluu has been around since 1974, but don’t think of old-fashioned and worn out. On the contrary. The building and garden are well maintained. Today Al Veluu is run by the second generation of the family and is based on its own strength without having to participate in the bidding of good, better and best.

In addition to the restaurant, Ristorante al Veluu in Tremezzo has two spacious four-person apartments. On the website, the rooms are described as suites with the appropriate names “Crocione” and “Grigna”, not coincidentally the two mountain peaks that embrace Al Veluu.

Al Veluu assumes its own strength without having to participate in the bidding of good, better and best.

Through the dining room, which confirms the inn feeling, we enter the garden! Our faces drop. We look at each other in amazement and amusement. What a fan-tas-tic view over the lake. It couldn’t get any better: the frame summarizes the bay of Lenno, Isola Comacina, Villa Balbianello, Lenno, the green hills and the azure blue water in a beautiful postcard. The article from The Guardian is spot on!

Unparalleled views on one side and the green peaks of Monte Crocione on the other. In the middle, a table with two Belgian Italophiles enjoying sparkling prosecco and … sparkling sparkling water. La dolce vita!

Ristorante Al Veluu in Tremmezina
Een ongeevenaard uitzicht op het Comomeer vanuit restaurant Al Veluu

We are the only guests except for one couple. The friendly waiter has time to chat and pampers us. He succeeds with brio!

The menu features traditional regional dishes. For the starter we choose grilled octopus with a soft truffle sauce… Presentation? As you read it, no more, no less. Taste? Two beautiful ingredients that don’t need any extras to become a flavour bomb! As a main course we choose veal steaks with porcinis. We ask for a portion of fries and crispy fried zucchini strips. Indeed, not the most original dish, but the best steaks we have ever eaten. Excelling in simplicity, that is the signature of Al Veluu!

Ristorante Al Veluu in Tremmezina
Kalfslapjes met porcini zoals je ze nog nooit gegeten hebt

The price… If you only charge for the food, Al Veluu might be just a bit too expensive, but of course you also pay for the decor and atmosphere. And as far as we are concerned, they are really priceless! How wonderful it must be to enjoy a romantic dinner here on a balmy summer evening with the illuminated villages on the banks under your feet…

Come on, who’s coming with us?

Picture of Liselotte en Paul

Liselotte en Paul

Enthousiaste schouders onder onze blog Amiamo Lago di Como. Onze passie voor het Comomeer uitschrijven, dat is wat we graag doen!
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