Take the funivia from Argegno to Pigra

Do you want a nice view of Lake Como quickly, but don't feel like a car ride or a brisk walk? Then the Funivia from Argegno to Pigra is a nice alternative. The gondola takes you to Pigra in only five minutes!

Take the Funivia from Argegno to Pigra… Lake Como is best admired and enjoyed along the streets around the lake. From village to village by car, bicycle or Vespa, but if you want to view the lake from above, you should definitely go to Pigra.

Pigra stands at an altitude of 881 meters above sealevel and has only 270 inhabitants. You can go to Pigra by car or along a hiking trail. We cannot speak from personal experience but hiking seems quit a challenge. Today, we go for the third option which is the funicular from Argegno. The gondola takes you in five minutes 650 meters above the watersurface of Lake Como to Pigra. We challenge you: you won’t find parking space in Argegno for sure in those same five minutes. We do it like the Italians and cram the car in the shoulder of the road.

Funivia naar Pigra
De gondel brengt je in vijf minuutjes naar Pigra

We are lucky! The gondola is waiting so we get in immediately. The view from above is absolutely stunning. We sit down for a while and enjoy the view along the western side of Lake Como: a lot of boats sailing on bright blue water, close to the shores of Brienno, Argegno, Nesso and Carvagnana.

The funicular is an ideal alternative fot those who are limited by time of transport but longing for a unique view of Lake Como.

Funivia naar Pigra
Het uitzicht op het Comomeer is fantastisch vanuit Pigra
Funivia naar Pigra
Het stationnetje in Pigra. Geniet van het uitzicht

Starting from Pigra there is a possibility to hike in 15 minutes to a viewpoint Belvedere, but some electric powerlines will disturbe your picture. No, you can save your breath on this one.

Time to descend back to Argegno. It’s a good idea to check the timetable of the gondolas before because departime can vary trough season or by lunchbreak of the gondola servant. A return ticket Argegno – Pigra costs 4,5 for an adult. Before we forget, you can only pay with cash money!

Picture of Liselotte en Paul

Liselotte en Paul

Enthousiaste schouders onder onze blog Amiamo Lago di Como. Onze passie voor het Comomeer uitschrijven, dat is wat we graag doen!
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