Spend the night at Albergo Della Torre in Cernobbio

As per annual tradition, we make a stopover on our way to Umbria. We stay for a night at Albergo della Torre in Cernobbio to rest after a tiring drive. And just this evening a noisy wedding party takes place in Albergo della Torre...

Spend the night at Albergo della Torre in Cernobbio… On our way to Umbria we stop as usual at Lake Como. This way, the long car journey remains feasible for Wolf and Bas. We book an overnight stay at Albergo della Torre in Cernobbio. Of course we would like to discover a new address. What are we paying attention to this time? The price (high season), the location, the reviews on booking.com and child-friendliness.

When you leave the motorway, Albergo della Torre is just 10 minutes further up in Cernobbio, away from the (possible) hustle and bustle. The hotel is located next to a small square, close to a paying public parking lot.

We arrive and check in. A young guy greets us rather coldly. His colleague’s face looks like thunder. However, the friendliness of the staff is praised in all reviews? Nevertheless, we are happy and grateful that our room is already available and we can quickly freshen up before we start our day at Lake Como a bit tired!

And that day starts in Laglio because of course we want to see with our own eyes how our favorite spot has weathered the storm. We are struck by how hard work has been done: the streets are tidy again and most of the rubble has been cleared. Only where the mud flow has destroyed dozens of houses are excavators working to clear tons of rubble. We have breakfast at La Locanda del Cantiere and from there we go straight to Enoteca Millesimo for an early aperitif and lunch. In the afternoon we walk through the busy streets of Como. We enjoy and are happy, happy just being here.

Wolf and Bas decide that it is dinner time and we return to the hotel.

Giardini del Tempio Voltiano in Como
Favoriete "Mickey Trein" in Como

Albergo della Torre’s dining room offers beautiful views of the lake and Como. The windows are completely open, a breeze blows in. We order two delicious pizzas from the wood-fired oven. Wolf disappears behind his plate of penne bolognese with a smile. A quick bite, that’s all it should be for us today. Tonight’s waiters do their best and are friendly.

Albergo della Torre in Cernobbio
De eetzaal van Albergo della Torre heeft een mooi uitzicht

Family room number five is tiny and has basic furnishings. Little light, a bit gloomy. The bathroom is small: a sink, toilet and shower on barely two square metres. A problem? Hmmm maybe just on the edge… Albergo della Torre is a two star hostel for which we pay 86 euros and price quality remains just acceptable.

Albergo della Torre in Cernobbio
Albergo della Torre in Cernobbio

Just when we are tiredly diving into our pillows, a DJ starts his music set just below our window. Tonight Albergo della Torre is hosting a wedding party! There are tables all over the square and guests are arriving. Haha, not again… It’s impossible to sleep: loud music, commotion, walking back and forth and the pizzaiolo’s bell that rings every time a pizza is ready. And believe us, a lot of pizzas were eaten. Still a bit annoyed, we ask the person in charge at ten o’clock to take the night’s rest of the other hotel guests into account. After all, we didn’t sleep last night and have another tiring drive ahead of us tomorrow. We get our way and the volume of the music goes down a bit. We definitely don’t want to spoil the party. If we had at least been warned in advance, it would probably have disturbed us much less.

Albergo della Torre in Cernobbio
Het Italiaans ontbijt is inbegrepen
Albergo della Torre in Cernobbio
Albergo della Torre in Cernobbio

Breakfast is included in the price. We enjoy a coffee and an Italian breakfast on the sunny terrace. When checking out, an additional five euros will be charged for Wolf’s cot. A bit of a lame upsell, isn’t it?

Do we recommend Albergo della Torre? Yes, provided you expect to stay in an albergo. An ideal overnight stay when you are passing through. Fair prices, a perfect location close to the motorway, a restaurant and just not too much hassle…

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Liselotte en Paul

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