Romance and instagram on the Walk of lovers in Varenna

Varenna is one of the tourist attractions of Lake Como. The picturesque village with its small alleys, bars and restaurant, shops and ice cream parlors is everything that Italy breathes. The Walk of Lovers is the scene of couples in love and Instagrammers who shoot a not-so-unique snapshot.

Discover Varenna and the Walk of Lovers on Lake Como… We have put together a well thought out day today. With a sunny Easter day ahead, we want to limit the time in the car, but of course enjoy as much of Lago di Como…

Buckle up folks! Buckle up folks! Our first stage goes from the hotel Orso Bruno in Carate Urio to Varenna.

We quickly double check on the website of Gestione Navigazione Laghi whether the ferries and taxi boats are leaving today. The Easter Bunny must also be able to go back and forth quickly, so that won’t be a problem. Sailing directly to Varenna by car is only possible from Menaggio. We pay 29 euros for five people and a medium car.

Traghetto Comomeer
Ferryboot tussen Cadenabbia en Varenna
Cadenabbia ferry Comomeer
Even wachten op de traghetto die ons van Menaggio naar Varenna vaart

In the morning sun from the parking lot in front of the ferry, the cross of La Crocetta shines on the hill above Menaggio. It makes us plead guilty. Mea Culpa, we shouldn’t have sat on the arms of the cross…

We wait half an hour and park our car in the front row of the boat. The boat leaves and we leave Menaggio behind.

Varenna is largely still in its original state. The beautiful views, the old colorful houses and the Walk of Lovers along Lake Como attract many tourists every year. Justly, because the town is one of the highlights in the area and does a lot to preserve its treasures.

Varenna looks picturesque under the diffused rays of the sun. We park the car in the public car park. Looking for a spot in the parking lot. It’s going to be a busy day today! We want to soak up the atmosphere in Varenna and we should be able to do that with the Walk of Lovers: a short walking path of one and a half kilometers in and around the town.

Varenna Comomeer
Varenna, een beeld zegt meer dan woorden

The Walk of Lovers basically starts where the ferry docks and ends on the other side of the village. You can walk back through the main street and make a loop.

The walking path runs through the small streets and next to the water’s edge. We pass shops, ice cream parlors, bars and eateries. The colorful houses contrast with the azure blue water and the green hills and mountains. The red fencing inspires couples to make that one perfect selfie that can go around the world with the right hashtag. People enjoy the mild spring weather in the pleasant crowds…

Varenna Comomeer
Varenna ligt er schilderachtig mooi bij onder de diffuse zonnestralen
Varenna Comomeer
Straatjes van Varenna

Varenna can be compared a bit with Bellagio. Beautifully beautiful and idyllic with an emphasis on tourism. The simple boat connection naturally means that tourists and day trippers make the crossing. And who can blame them for that. The village is home to many beautiful hotels and restaurants…

Next stop? Bellagio to visit Villa Melzi… But in two hours the pleasant bustle has become an unsociable bustle.

There is a long queue at the ticket counter for the ferry. Queuing… After twenty minutes of drumming, the announcement is made that tickets for the car ferry can also be purchased on the boat. We quickly walk to our car and rush the car onto the boat. Get out of here…

Picture of Liselotte en Paul

Liselotte en Paul

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