A weekend of sightseeing on Lake Como

Despite the bad weather forecast, we still leave for Lake Como for a weekend getaway. We opt for the standard ingredients aperitifs, good food and a tour around Lake Como.

A weekend of sightseeing on Lake Como… Rain showers, snow showers… The weather forecast and its April showers make us doubt whether to travel to Lake Como. We ponder but eventually decide to go anyway. Taking a break, will do us good. And this time Tom is part of those us!

The nose of the plane dives into the clouds. Heavy raindrops splash against the windows. We land and hurry to the car rental. Ten minutes later, Malpensa Airport disappears from the rearview mirror of the Mitschibushi Space Star and the weekend can begin. And that beginning is of course wine bar Millesimo

Pigra Comomeer
Uitzichtpunt Belvedere in Pigra

We are staying this weekend at Hotel Fiorini in Carate Urio. We are the first guests of the new season that starts today on April 1. There is no lack of enthusiasm here at all. The restaurant isn’t open yet: with the approval of the quirky but oh-so jovial hotel owner, we’re going to Osteria del Beuc in Cernobbio tonight. Aperitif, local dishes, a good glass of wine and great company. Rainy weather? What rainy weather?

Saturday. The next morning we open the curtains curiously: clouds around the mountain flanks but no rain! Enjoying a coffee on the terrace of our room, we let the rippling water and the fresh morning air take effect on us. No, we are certainly not going to hurry this morning and fully enjoy the tranquility at the well-stocked breakfast table.

Pigra Comomeer
Pigra kabelbaan
Pigra Comomeer
Genieten van het uitzicht in Pigra

From the breakfast table it goes to Argegno to take the cable car to Pigra. The gondolas take us in no time to a beautiful view, high above Lake Como. We follow the hiking trail to the Belvedere viewpoint. This short walk runs behind the garden of Villa Peduzzi. A luxurious gem for the wealthy enthusiasts…

Back down we want to continue to Menaggio, but that doesn’t seem to work. In Colonno the road is inexorably closed. During the storm of July 28, 2021 with unprecedented rain showers and mudslides, the road surface in Colonno was damaged. Extensive repair and improvement works were carried out. The traditional road around Lake Como was closed to all traffic for months. Not much fun if you ask us. The only option is to follow the detour from Argegno via Lake Lugano and then Megganio… Ouch!

We drown ourselves in the Aperol Spritz and enjoy a quick but delicious bite in Café del Pèss: a crispy pizza base with fine slices of mortadella, a soft pesto sauce, crunchy pistachios topped with a creamy burrata.

Bellagio Comomeer
Toekomen in het statige Bellagio

And the sightseeing tour is far from over… The car ferry from Cadenabbia takes us to Bellagio. We immediately drive on to Torno where we traditionally visit the terrace of B&B Torno alla Riva. Prosecco and a plate of Italian treats on the most beautiful square of Lake Como are not to be missed.

And so we finally end up in Como. We stroll through the streets and walk in and out of shops.

Also, when it comes to dinner tonight, we don’t look too far. We reserve a table for three at La Locanda del Cantiere in Laglio. A few years ago we were already big fans of the hotel. Tonight we can also recommend the restaurant: cozy sitting in the old shipyard, correct service and local fish dishes on the beautiful menu.

We've had a nice day. No new exploits but just enjoying what's good and familiar!

We’ve had a nice day. No new exploits but just enjoying what’s good and familiar!

Sunday. In the morning we just have time to drive to Brunate. Quickly taking some snapshots at Faro Voltiano and a last aperitif… And actually, the sun begins to shine . Our latest Aperol Spritz turns just a little brighter orange. We couldn’t think of a better end to a wonderful weekend.

Bellagio Comomeer
Ferryboot naar Bellagio
Picture of Liselotte en Paul

Liselotte en Paul

Enthousiaste schouders onder onze blog Amiamo Lago di Como. Onze passie voor het Comomeer uitschrijven, dat is wat we graag doen!
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